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AGM with Ted Hsu, June 2011

After the 2011 election defeat, the board of directors had to undergo renewal to face the issues and challenges ahead. Nineteen directors were elected at the AGM to guide the party through the rebuilding process, with newly minted Liberal MP for Kingston and the Islands, Ted Hsu, as the special guest speaker. Representatives were elected to speak to the issues and challenges of the diverse regions of the riding.

Three directors, Eva Busse, John McLellan and Marion Soper Severinac will represent the most northerly areas of the riding for central and north Hastings. Belleville and Thurlow are represented by Lynn Hipwell, Robert Fair and Rhea Pretsell. Prince Edward County representatives are Willem Maas, Lori Smith and Cynthia Collett. Directors at large are Chuck Mustard, Bob Ferguson and Brandon Bell.

A full slate of table officers was elected including Lenore Begley as president of the riding association, John Duggan, executive vice president, Bev Boyd, secretary, and Terry Standing, treasurer. Vice president directors are John Brisbois, membership, Odila Hoye, Policy and Ian Batt, fundraiser.