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Articles by Local Liberals

Over the years, local Liberals have shared a wide variety of perspectives and opinions. We thought you might be interested  in links to just some of the many published articles. Other stories can also be found within our newsletter database.

Phil Baldwin, Fair Elections Act Fails Canadians (2 April 2014)

Alan Coxwell, Not Quinte Book Burnings, But Close… (14 January 2014)

Peter Nayler, The Indian Act: A Policy of Decay (29 December 2013)

Peter Tinsley, Women’s Issues Are Societal Issues – Important Ones! (22 December 2013)

Phil Baldwin, “Efficiencies” Are Destroying Our Communities (15 December 2013)

Jonathan Sprung, The Reform Act – A Shot Across the Bow (9 December 2013)

B. Ryan, Response to Daryl Kramp on the Drug Free Prisons Act (25 November 2013)

Alan Coxwell, Justice Knocking on Steven Blaney’s Door (19 November 2013)

Phil Baldwin, No More Business As Usual (28 October 2013)

Jonathan Sprung, A Response to Daryl Kramp’s Recent Mailing (28 October 2013)

Alan Coxwell, Who Grows Plants 1,200 Feet Underground? (28 October 2013)

Pierre Soucy, A New Era in Canadian Politics? Recapping Richard Gwyn (24 September 2013)

Bill Wensley (NQWFLA), A National Pharmacare Policy (24 August 2013)

Pierre Soucy, Pride Day in Belleville (23 August 2013)

Alan Coxwell, If God Made It, It Has To Be Good (12 August 2013)

News Release (Re-issue), Marijuana Motion Passed (30 July 2013)

Alan Coxwell, The Deeper You Dig, the More Incestuous It Gets (16 July 2013)

Lenore Begley, Payday Loans (23 April 2013)

Alan Coxwell, Senator Art Eggleton on Income Inequality (21 April 2013)

Sharlene Weitzman, Taking Care of Our Children (20 April 2013)

News Release, Stop the Release of GM Alfalfa (12 April 2013)

Jonathan Sprung, The Economic (In)Action Plan: a Great Shell Game (25 March 2013)

David Hall, First Nations Crossroads (23 March 2013)

Phil Baldwin, Stephen Harper’s Man in Prince Edward-Hastings (21 March 2013)

David Hall, Thoughts on Red Tories and Liberals (12 March 2013)

Phil Baldwin, Addressing Inequality (2 January 2013)

News Release, Motion on Marijuana Passed (1 November 2012)

News Release, Dismay Over Failure to Investigate Possible Election Tampering (29 October 2012)

Donald O’Neill, Election Tampering Ignored? (27 October 2012)

Phil Baldwin, Tough on Crime or Tough on Our Kids? (11 July 2012)

News Release, Citizens Demand Action at Rally in Belleville (5 March 2012)