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Let’s Send Our Most Qualified Candidate to Ottawa – Peter Tinsley

Posted on May 6, 2014

By Don O’Neill

(Don is a long-time resident of Quinte West, a veteran of many campaigns and always a Liberal!)

Dear Liberals of “Bay of Quinte”,

The Liberal Party will win in 2015 both nationally and locally. The momentum is solidly in Justin Trudeau’s/our Liberal favour. The Harper government is under attack from all sides, even from within their own ranks. There are open contenders for Stephen Harper’s position. Backbenchers are speaking out against PMO policies and behaviour. Public opinion is shifting as Canadians wake up to the reality of a secretive and dishonest government.

We will win so we need to send our most qualified candidate to Ottawa. We need to send the candidate who can hit the ground running – the one with a wealth of federal, provincial and international experience. The one whose connections are nation-wide and world-wide. The one who, in a federal appointment, has stood up to Stephen Harper’s undemocratic policies.  The one who has the education and experience, not only to best support the new Liberal government’s front bench and senior decision-makers, but to win results for our community. That person is Peter Tinsley.

As a 28 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, a lawyer, and advisor to senior government authorities, Peter has served in Canada and abroad.  He and his family first came to our region in 1988, when he was posted to CFB Trenton as a military lawyer. They have lived in Quinte West, Belleville and now Prince Edward County.

Upon leaving the military, Peter opened a law practice in Belleville prior to being appointed as the Director of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.  Commencing in 2003 he worked for three years as an international prosecutor in Kosovo and Bosnia. Subsequently, Peter was appointed Chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission.

Recognised nationally and internationally as an expert on good governance and the Rule of Law, Peter has presented in Europe, Africa, Central & South America, as well as for the United Nations Development Programme Iraq and Bangladesh. Most recently, Peter was sought by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to speak on women’s issues in oversight.  He was a guest speaker at Liberal-sponsored round tables on governance, during Harper’s prorogation in 2010. Two years later, Peter addressed the McGill Institute’s conference on The Future of Justice in Canada. In 2013 he was called to testify before two parliamentary committees studying new legislation. His contribution to a book about oversight in Canada will be published by Canada Law Book later this year.

As a member of our community, Peter has been active in child welfare and education. He was the Chair of the CFB Trenton School Board and subsequently served on volunteer committees of the Hastings County School Board. He was also a member of the Children’s Aid Society Board for nine years, including three years as Chair. In 2002, Peter received an Ontario Volunteer Service Award.

In 2011, facing stiff electoral headwinds, Peter ran as our PEH Liberal candidate, attracting a team of 300 volunteers, many of whom were not yet Party members!

Peter has lived and worked in each of the three municipalities of our riding. He understands the uniqueness of each, as well as the strong community of interest that binds them together.  In 2012, his was the lone voice that convinced the Boundaries Commission to abandon their original proposal and bring us together as the “Bay of Quinte” riding.

Peter on the Strombo show, coast to coast

Peter on the Strombo show, coast to coast

Peter is passionate about Liberal philosophy and policies concerning the economy, the environment, equality of opportunity, and the fair treatment of all Canadians, including the treatment of Canadian Forces personnel and veterans. Dedicated to representative and accountable government, Peter will represent and fight for local needs – your needs!

I know him to be a man of integrity and principle. Peter will be a strong voice for us!

Let’s not miss this chance to send an exceptionally qualified, highly experienced candidate to the House of Commons. I encourage you to support Peter Tinsley as Bay of Quinte’s Liberal Candidate and first Member of Parliament.


Don O’Neill

It’s time for us to pull together!

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Peter at the "Fair" Elections Act Protest, Belleville

Peter at the “Fair” Elections Act Protest, Belleville

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