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Becoming a Liberal Candidate

The Canada Elections Act specifies that all candidates of election to Parliament who wish to run under the banner of a registered political party must have their nomination papers signed by the leader of that party. Most parties have not only interpreted that authority in a way which protects incumbent MPs from challenge but have permitted their leaders to “parachute” selected candidates into ridings which they consider offer those individuals a good chance of winning.  By doing so, they deprive members of those riding associations of the opportunity to exercise their democratic right of choice. In keeping with his promise to do politics in a new and more open way, Justin Trudeau has committed to refrain from exercising that power, thereby enabling open Liberal nomination races in every riding across Canada.

When members are given the opportunity of free choice, their deep understanding of who is most likely to best represent their values and interests in Parliament puts them in a far better position to choose than anyone sitting in Ottawa.

We will be holding a nomination race here in our new riding in mid 2014. Details will be published on this page as soon as a date is set. Under the Liberal Party Constitution, anyone who is a member of the Liberal Party, is eligible to be a candidate for Member of Parliament under the Canada Elections Act, has complied with the rules made by the National Election Readiness Committee and has been nominated in writing by at least 100 members of our riding association is entitled to enter the race.   Among the key requirements under those rules is completion of a detailed background questionnaire and submission of a police certificate.  If you are considering becoming a Liberal candidate and would like further information, you are welcome to contact the president of the Bay of Quinte Federal Liberal Association:  All inquiries will be kept confidential.