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Liberal Values in Action 2013

CP Holiday Train, November 2013

Once again, we had a team of volunteers to help Gleaner’s Foodbank at the CP Holiday Train event. We served up hot chocolate, and delivered food donations. Thanks to all of the volunteers!



Basketeers for Women, November 2013

The PEHFLA board of directors pitched in to put together two baskets for the new Prince Edward County basketeers program to support women breaking free from domestic violence. This new and worthwhile organization received 27 baskets this year. Great job! For more information, visit their websites: and

Pictured are the organizers, Rahno Godfrey, Executive Director, Alternatives for Women; Kim Taylor, PEC Basketeers; Wanda Post, Counsellor, Alternatives for Women

Pictured are the organizers, Rahno Godfrey, Executive Director, Alternatives for Women; Kim Taylor, PEC Basketeers; Wanda Post, Counsellor, Alternatives for Women


Wellington Community Supper, November 2013

Local Liberals volunteered their time and culinary skills to serve up another community dinner in Wellington. Thanks to all those who helped out!


The Land that Supports Our Feet, October 2013

The Deseronto Archives and the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County organized a symposium exploring common ground between First Nations and Settlers in Eastern Ontario. There were representatives from both First Nations and Settler communities involved. Several of our directors and members attended this event that brought a very large number of people with different backgrounds from across our community. We came away from this event better informed, and better connected to each other.

Attendees participated in the blanket exercise, an insightful and at times moving exercise which helped  us to understand the historical experience of First Nations communities in Canada.

Attendees participated in the blanket exercise, an insightful and at times moving exercise which helped us to understand the historical experience of First Nations communities in Canada.

Liberals Rhea Pretsell and Samantha O'Dell (far left) listen as some other participants read stories for the blanket exercise.

Liberals Rhea Pretsell and Samantha O’Dell (far left) listen as some of the other participants read stories for the blanket exercise.

Participants are feeling the squeeze as their land shrinks.

Participants are feeling the squeeze as their land shrinks.


Belleville Pride, August 2013

Local Federal and Provincial Liberals were proud to take part in Belleville’s first ever Pride Parade. Read more from our very own director Pierre Soucy here:

equal rights


Hastings County Plowing Match, August 2013

Once again, we had a booth at the Hastings County Plowing Match in order to listen to the views of our community. We were very encouraged by what people had to say. Our “JUSTIN” buttons were very popular!



Big Bike Ride for Heart and Stroke, May 2013


Local Liberals “Big Bike Ride” Hits Close to Home

By: Megan Mattice (Reprinted with Permission).

This article originally appeared on QNet News

Three months ago, Ian Batt didn’t think he would ever be able to drive a car again, let alone ride a bike built for 30 people.

Yesterday, Batt, along with other Prince Edward-Hastings federal Liberals, pedaled the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s “Big Bike” around Belleville to raise money in support of advocacy and research. Batt said this is a cause that hits very close to home.

“It’s true. I had an, I guess you could call it an ‘adventure’, of my own,” said Batt.

It was a cold and snowy night last March when Batt thought he tripped while walking up his porch steps. Little did he know that he hadn’t trip on anything, but was actually having a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), also known as a ministroke.

“I missed all the signs. Because I had thought I tripped and fell, the tingling in my right arm didn’t seem odd. My wife is a nurse and it was even unclear to her,” said Batt.

Once Batt and his wife determined that it had been a stroke, and that he was going to be alright, they decided to wait until morning to go to emergency. That’s where doctors explained to Batt that he had had a mini-stroke. “Although it was classified as a small stroke, the side effects were just as severe,” said Batt. Losing feeling in his right side left Batt feeling the need to be proactive.

“When situations like mine occur, I realized that if you want to get better you need to be aware of what the doctors are saying. It’s okay to object,” said Batt. He did just that. To help regain control of his finer motor skills, Batt continued with a painting class he had been a part of long before the stroke.

“It was difficult. I had a lot in common with the comedian Monty Python. I refer to him only because his limbs are always flailing about. That is honestly what it felt like for the first little while.” He believes that he had a close connection to the Heart and Stroke Foundation even before his own little adventure.

“It’s, unfortunately, a very common thing. My friends, fellow Liberals and community have been affected by the issues we choose to ride for.” Batt is speaking for many of the Liberals who raised money and rode yesterday, including Lenore Begley, the PEHFLA president.

Begley couldn’t be at the ride due to professional commitments, but she has done work with the Heart and Stroke Foundation many times before. “The federal Liberals have taken part in the Big bike Ride every year, separately. This year, we decided to do it as a team because this fundraising event helps keep the whole community healthy,” said Begley. When Begley does ride, she says she rides for her Mom.

Decked out in Liberal red, 29 team members rang their bells and pedaled hard to show their community how important it is to keep your heart healthy. They collectively raised $2,412. “It’s such a good cause. Our community deserves support and this is our way of showing that we do. It shows that we are in the trenches with them,” said Batt.


Wellington Community Supper, May 2013

Local Liberals volunteered their time and culinary skills to serve up a second community dinner in Wellington in May. Thanks to all those who helped out!



The Poverty Challenge, May 2013

The Poverty Challenge was held at the Core Centre in Belleville in May. It was an event organised to give high school students an opportunity to see what it is like to live in poverty.

Although this was a non-politically organized event, it is still an issue that is near and dear to the hearts of Liberals. Our own Lenore Begley and John Brisbois were intimately involved in this community event on a volunteer basis. Thanks to both of you for your community involvement!


Discussion with Chief Maracle, April 2013

We’d like to thank Chief R. Donald Maracle of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte for agreeing to speak to our board of directors at our April meeting, and for giving such an interesting and informative talk.

did you know - newsletter

did you know - newsletter - june



Protest Against GM Alfalfa at Daryl Kramp’s Office, April 2013

They got a lot of honking from passing motorists but not a glimpse of their Member of Parliament as about 75 protesters rallied outside the office of Daryl Kramp Tuesday (April 9) to seek his help to keep genetically modified alfalfa from being introduced into Canada.

The event was one of many across the country to try to prevent the introduction of GM alfalfa varieties being explored by the US company Forage Genetics International which has in the United States applied Monsanto’s GM Roundup Ready technology to what is the most widely grown forage crop in Canada.

John Della Bosca, President of local 334 of the National Farmers Union says our alfalfa doesn’t need any modification, “it does very well in Canada” and the introduction would “inevitably contaminate all alfalfa through cross pollination”.

Della Bosca says Europeans won’t buy Canadian rape seed because one little release of GM modified seed ended up with all rape seed being contaminated. He‘s convinced the same thing would happen with alfalfa and also end up contaminating milk and beef. Alfalfa provides more protein for animals than any other green forage…

There’s much more than marketing to the Europeans factoring into the protests and people wanting further information can get it from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. Della Bosca believes protests such as the one in Belleville are being taken seriously by some members of Parliament but doesn’t know if Daryl Kramp is among them because he’s been out of the country. He suspects that, as a family man, Kramp will pay attention.

One attendee suggested it would be nice if we could genetically modify our Conservative MPs to listen to their constituents instead of just following the dictates of Stephen Harper. The protest drew attendees from the full length of the riding, from North of Bancroft to Picton and included several members of the PEH Federal Liberal Association.



Idle No More Rally, April 2013

The two lovely ladies on the right in this picture are on our local board of directors for the federal Liberals. They were proud to join this rally in Bancroft back in April. All credit for organising it goes to local Idle No More organisers. We were just happy to stand shoulder to shoulder, because it is the right thing to do. Words must be put to action. Photo used with permission.


Wellington Community Supper, January 2013

We were very happy to have the opportunity to serve our community in Wellington when we helped our friends at Scottish Accents serve up some delicious chicken pot pie and cake at the Community Supper. Special thanks go out to Elizabeth Batt and Lenore Begley for all the hard work of cooking for over 80 people!



Gleaner’s Foodbank Gala, January 2013

There was a table full of Liberals at the annual Gleaner’s Foodbank Gala in January. Here are Peter and Merry Tinsley!

Peter and Mary Gleaners