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Liberal Values in Action, 2014

Belleville Pride, July 2014

Federal and Provincial Liberals once again got together to support Belleville Pride!

belleville pride 2014


Big Bike Ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, May 2014

Liberals once again got together to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation by raising money ($640!) and pedaling the big bike. Thank you to everyone who participated!



Rally Against the (Un)Fair Elections Act, March 2014

60-80 Liberals, NDP, Indepedents, and First Nations joined together in an act of non-partisanship at Daryl Kramp’s office to protest the (Un)Fair Elections Act. The act will make it much harder for youth, aboriginal peoples, and low-income people to vote – exactly the people that Stephen Harper would like to keep away from the ballot box! Read more here:

Rally Against the (Un)Fair Election Act


Wellington Community Supper, March 2014

Local Liberals volunteered their time and culinary skills to serve up another community dinner in Wellington. Thanks to all those who helped out!