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Special Events, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Nov. 2011

This was a chance to celebrate all the good work we do together at a collegial evening recognizing all of our members, volunteers, and supporters. We came together to enjoy ourselves and mingle with Liberal friends at this free event.



Hon. John McCallum Q&A, Oct. 2011

Mr. McCallum listened to and answered questions about the Liberal party position and the actions it proposes to return us to a properly balanced society, one in which government understands the needs of the poor, elderly and unemployed, while ensuring that economic policies are in place to create new and meaningful employment. The Belleville Federal Liberals and friends impressed the Liberal heavyweight.  As the evening stretched, on he made the comment that he had never been asked so many questions at a public event — and John McCallum has attended many public meetings.

Peter Tinsley and John McCallum