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Special Events, 2013

Liberal Family Christmas Party, December 2013

The PEHFLA family Christmas party was a great success, with plenty of new faces and lots of holiday cheer. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to all our board of directors who whipped up some tasty food!



“Au revoir and Hello” Roast Beef Dinner, November 2013

Liberals are alive and well in Prince Edward County. We had an “Au revoir and Hello” roast beef dinner event at Casa Dea Winery in Wellington to celebrate the Prince Edward-Hastings Liberal family, and meet our new friends from riding redistribution.



Liberal Family Corn Roast, August 2013

Our corn roast picnic this summer was a chance to get together to talk about old times and about the future; to say hello, and catch up – just like a family reunion. It’s all about bringing people together!

liberal family


Red Tie Trunk Sale, June 2013

We loaded our car trunks with the too good to throw away items and came down to the parking lot on the corner of Bridge and Sidney in Belleville. Our directors spent the morning selling those treasures for the benefit of our local riding association.



Red Pot Plant Sale, May 2013

Spring was in the air at our plant sale in Belleville, where directors and volunteers gathered for a “fun”-raising event to exchange plants in Liberal-red planter pots. Thanks to everyone who came out!





Heritage Potluck Dinner, March 2013

A big “Thank You” to everyone who came out to make our second annual Heritage Potluck Supper a great success, including special guest speaker MP Wayne Easter, and federal Liberal leadership candidate Karen McCrimmon!





Justin Trudeau at Loyalist College, February 2013

Historic photo brings Justin Trudeau to tears

By: Megan Mattice (Reprinted with Permission).

This article originally appeared on QNet News

Justin Trudeau stopped by Loyalist College this morning to explain how politics should be handled, but he didn’t realize how emotional it would be.

A family photo was presented to him, bringing back memories of his father.

Trudeau was about to close a speech, taking place at Loyalist’s Alumni Hall, when Constable Jeff Ling, of the Belleville Police, approached him at the podium and the crowd went silent.

Const. Ling presented Trudeau with a famous photo, a photo from Canada’s top 100 list, of him as a kid in his father’s arms.

Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was holding Justin and accepting a salute from Const. Ling’s father from across the street after a Garden Party in Ottawa.

The moment brought Trudeau to tears.

“I have received many memories of my father and mother over my travels, but not once have I shed a tear. I tried hard not to, but today I couldn’t help it. Thank you all, very much.”

The Loyalist event was part of a tour Trudeau was taking around the college’s Media Wing.

Justin Trudeau sheds some tears after Constable Jeff Ling showed him an old picture of their fathers in Alumni Hall at Loyalist College.

Upon entering the building, the college was buzzing with excitement as a potential Canadian leader wandered the halls followed by an entourage. The history of his last name was almost put on the back-burner as his confidence and ease of speech consumed the hoards of cameras and microphones from media students.

Trudeau started at the photo journalism lab to pose for photos, then moving on to the television new media studio for a candid sit down before entering the journalism: online, print and broadcast newsroom to answer some questions.

The three questions came from two second year journalism students and a second year photo-j student, focusing on how he handles criticism, his plans for a link between the federal department and education and how he separates his political life from his family life.

Quickly being ushered by his handlers, Trudeau moved to Loyalist’s Alumni Hall where people from the community and eager students awaited his presence, all the while being followed by the in-house media with ease.

In his speech, Trudeau talked about engagement with people, how Canada shouldn’t have to vote for the least negative option, celebrating that the Liberal riding has grown, the economy surrounding household debt and making the future brighter for yourself and your children.

“The reality is that for the first time in the history of this country, this generation suspects that perhaps the next generation won’t have greater opportunities or a better quality of life than this one, and that is extremely destabilizing for this country,” said Trudeau.

He said work needs to be done on the economy because when we have a strong middle class with job various options, then our country will truly thrive.

Trudeau answered questions from the audience.

He touched on the solution to poverty, healthcare for the chronically ill, post secondary job stability and the negative tactics his opponents use in order to get the vote.

With a salute, handshake and hug for Const. Ling, Trudeau was surrounded by a media scrum filled with students and outside media.