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Who We Are

We are your politically-engaged neighbours in the Bay of Quinte who belong to the local riding association for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC).

Riding associations are the fundamental building blocks of Canadian political parties. If you are a member of the LPC and your place of ordinary residence is within the electoral boundaries of Bay of Quinte, then you are automatically a member of the local riding association for the LPC.

Choosing to join a political party is an important form of public service, one that protects and strengthens our democracy. It sets you apart, since only 16% of Canadians have ever chosen to belong to a political party at some point in their lives; only 1% to 2% of Canadians currently hold such memberships. This needs to change if our democracy is to be a healthy one.

A political party brings together people who share certain political values and objectives, and aims to elect candidates who will promote those objectives. The LPC is a party whose vision is grounded in social justice and equality. We value and respect the wide variety of opinions and perspectives among our national membership, and we also share a common goal to put in place progressive, evidence-based public policies that benefit all Canadians.

The Liberal movement needs your support

Please help build the Liberal movement, and donate directly to the Bay of Quinte Federal Association. It’s quick and easy. Simply click on this link. Be sure to also check out how to donate as a Victory Fund contributor.

Did You Know?  Effective January 1, 2016, you can donate up to $1,525 per year – both nationally and at the riding level – for a total maximum contribution of $3,050. The maximum possible tax credit remains at $650.

As a member, you will have the right and the opportunity to:

  • Seek the nomination to run as the Liberal candidate in any federal election in which a sitting Liberal MP is not standing for re-election;
  • Vote for the candidate of your choice in any such nomination meeting;
  • Seek to become a voting delegate at any Liberal convention, and participate in the province-wide annual general meeting or policy rally;
  • Stand for election to our riding association Executive; and vote for those seeking an Executive position (see the list of positions and current incumbents);
  • Propose policies for adoption by the LPC, collaborate with your fellow members on the refinement of those proposals, and vote on which will be forwarded to conventions and policy rallies;
  • Discuss current issues and possible solutions with your fellow Liberals from across Canada;
  • Be kept informed of upcoming LPC events and activities.

Those rights and opportunities come with the expectation that you will do your part in advancing our shared objectives. We are all unpaid volunteers who donate our time and money to the Liberal cause; we do so because we believe that a Liberal-led government represents the best and most realistic hope for a fair, prosperous and sustainable future for ourselves, our families, our community, and our nation. Our members vary widely in the constraints on their time.   Some are active all year round, while others pitch in mainly during election campaigns.

Members contribute in various ways, including:

  • Volunteering during election campaigns (available tasks include door-to-door canvassing, telephone canvassing, delivering elections signs, staffing the campaign office, driving voters to the polls, communications, election scrutineers, fundraising and organizing events);
  • Volunteering between campaigns (many of the same roles, but on a less intensive basis);
  • Donating much-needed money to the riding association and the national campaign (the net cost to you of a standard $10 monthly donation is only $30 per year after the federal political contribution tax credit);
  • Serving on the riding association Executive and on various teams and committees;
  • Serving as the Liberal liaison with one of the many professional, cultural, ethnic or other communities in Prince Edward-Hastings;
  • Identifying and recruiting potential Liberal voters from among your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members, and most importantly, encouraging them to vote Liberal in the future.

We recognize that some members of our community are prohibited by the terms of their employment from taking out formal memberships in political parties. If you are in that position, you can still be Liberals in spirit, attend all our events and contribute in any or all of the above ways.